Road to IBE 2022

The ecosystem of (public and private) collective transport is experiencing a challenging time, in which new forces and new actors are emerging and intersecting, creating new value chains for manufacturing companies, buyers of intermediate goods and services, and final consumers. 
The results of the qualitative and quantitative research conducted by IBE and GPF Inspiring Research were presented during the webinar of 3 May. The research aimed to explore the breadth and depth of demand not only for collective “leisure” transport (tourism and travel) and on commercial lines (mainly medium-distance), but also for “new mobility” relating to local public transport, which is increasingly interconnected, service-oriented and aimed at the citizen-customer and not just the user (Mobility as a Service, Mobility as A Platform, Mobility as a Common). 

On this occasion, the results of the research conducted by GPF Inspiring Research for IBE on a sample of 663 road public transport users, stakeholders and opinion makers were presented. One of the most important findings is the importance of technology in the development of intermobility, a focus on and respect for the environment, and the need for user-friendly apps capable of providing integrated information.



In this context, innovation and technology are having a significant impact on trends in the sector, in which we can see a progressive convergence between value chains within the sector and new value chains (energy, telecommunications and digital services).
These are the strategic levers that all players in the transport ecosystem look to in order to interpret the market and contribute responsibly to national industrial and energy policy choices, recently accelerated by the war in Eastern Europe. 
In this context, IBE plans to act as a catalyst for the New Sustainable Collective Mobility Community in order to reflect, deepen and understand the new emerging signs (starting with new consumption styles), available to the industry and institutions at this delicate time of change through the energy transition towards sustainability. 

The webinar was attended by leading figures from the industry, the supply chain, associations and institutions, who provided some very interesting testimonies.

The speakers who took part included:

  • Carlo Berruti - GPF Inspiring Research
  • Emanuele Proia - Asstra – Transport Association
  • Fabrizia Vigo - National Automotive Industry Association (ANFIA)
  • Riccardo Verona - AN.BTI – Italian National Tour Bus Association
  • Sergio Veroli - Consumers'​ Forum
  • Alberto Carriero - CDP Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
  • Federico Caleno - Enel X Way
  • Michela Capoccia – Sapio Group
  • Stefania Di Serio - AlmavivA
  • Giovanni Dimopoli - myCicero
  • Andrea Vecci - REDO SGR S.p.A. - Società Benefit