• Thursday, October 13, 2022
  • 14:30 - 16:00
  • Memo
  • TPL Arena (Pav. B5)
  • Italian
  • Organized by: Motus-E, H2IT, Federmetano


The political conjuncture forces a reconsideration of choices that until now were conditioned only by the strong collective desire to reduce climate change by humans and transportation. The geopolitical scenario suggests a broader approach, in favor, perhaps, of a new balance regarding energy generation, revising if necessary the timetable agreed upon by countries around the world for zero-impact mobility. The event is aimed at understanding and assessing what is the right balance and progression in energy choices, also as a function of technological development.

Moderator: Giuseppe Guzzardi, Pullman magazine

Electricity supply chain - Francesco Naso, Motus-E
Hydrogen supply chain - Marcello Romagnoli, H2IT
Biomethane and LNG supply chain - Dante Natali, Federmetano

Roundtable discussion
Michele Maldini, Daimler Buses - Evobus Italia
Federico Brivio, Bosch
Nadia Amitrano, Enel X
Andrea Pellitteri, Italscania
Aldo Bernardini, HAM