The Scientific Technical Committee for the coordination of events and contents is chaired by Prof. Giuseppe Catalano, professor at Sapienza University of Rome and coordinator of the MIT Technical Mission Structure.

Objectives of the new STC

  • Creating a programme of high-quality technical-scientific content in which all the main players of the sector, associations, bodies, stakeholders are represented and involved, enabling them to develop a constructive engagement on the strategic issues of the market, proposing shared solutions.
  • Creating a permanent panel on local public transport, technologies for rolling stock, promoted by IEG, IBE, ISFORT and LA SAPIENZA, which involves institutions, associations, service managers and industry.


Commitee Chairman
Prof Giuseppe Catalano - 
professor at Sapienza University of Rome and coordinator of the Technocal Mission Structure of MIT.


  • Alessandro Avenali - Professor in Economic Management Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome (Department of Computer, Automatic and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti)
  • Paolo Beria - Associate Professor of Transportation Economics, DAStU, Politecnico di Milano 
  • Mauro Bonaretti - Head of the Department for Sustainable Mobility of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility
  • Fulvio Bonavitacola - Vice President and Councillor for the Environment Campania Region, Policy Coordinator of the Infrastructure, Mobility and Territorial Government Commission of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces
  • Carlo Carminucci - Director of the Research Sector of ISFORT - Higher Institute of Training and Research for Transport
  • Giuseppe Catalano - Coordinator Technical Mission Structure for Strategic Guidance, Infrastructure Development and High Oversight at the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility
  • Antonio Cernicchiaro - Deputy Director General UNRAE 
  • Claudio Claroni - General Manager Club Italy
  • Anna Donati - President/AD Rome Mobility Services, Kyoto Club, AMODO Spokesperson
  • Paolo Ferrecchi - Director General of the General Directorate for Land and Environmental Care of the Emilia-Romagna Region
  • Roberta Frisoni - Councillor of the Municipality of Rimini with responsibility for Urban and Spatial Planning, Private Construction, Urban Regeneration, Mobility Policies, Local Public Transport, State Property, PNRR
  • Antonella Galdi - Deputy Secretary General ANCI 
  • Gianmarco Giorda - General Manager and CEO ANFIA Service ANFIA 
  • Giuseppina Gualtieri - President and CEO TPER SpA and Vice President ASSTRA 
  • Mauro Guerra - Coordinator Borghi più Belli Emilia-Romagna 
  • Cristina Maggi - Director H2IT
  • Angelo Mautone - Director General of the Directorate General for Local and Regional Public Transport and Sustainable Public Mobility at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility
  • Francesco Naso - General Secretary Motus-E 
  • Dante Natali - Chairman Federmetano
  • Andrea Onori -  Deputy Secretary Driving Schools UNASCA
  • Raimondo Orsini - Sharing Mobility Observatory Coordinator
  • Emilio Patella - National Secretary of Driving Schools UNASCA
  • Andrea Poggio - Head of Sustainable Mobility and Lifestyles Legambiente
  • Emanuele Proia - Director ASSTRA 
  • Lorenzo Quinzi - General Secretary Ministry of Tourism 
  • Giuseppe Ruzziconi - Chairman federMobilità
  • Roberto Sacchetti - Chairman Start Romagna 
  • Domenico Scalfaro - Head of Communications ASSTRA
  • Riccardo Verona - Chairman ANBTI
  • Fabrizia Vigo - Institutional Relations Area Manager ANFIA