Useful info


Rimini Expo Centre
Via Emilia, 155 - 47921 RIMINI (RN) - ITALY


EAST entrance
Via Costantino il Grande,
47921 RIMINI

Stand dismantling times

Removal of samples from the stand
Reserved exclusively for exhibitors
Friday   14th  October 2022

05.00pm - 09.00pm  entry allowed only with "PERMIT FOR WITHDRAWAL OF SAMPLES FROM STAND"
08.00pm - 10.00 pm  slot reservation required - entrance with vans or trucks

Stand dismantling times
Saturday 15th  October  2022   07.00am - 9.00pm  
Sunday    16th  October  2022   07.00am - 9.00pm  
Monday   17th  October  2022   07.00am - 9.00pm 

During the dismantling times cars are not allowed to enter the fairground.
Cars must park in East 1-2 parking area.
For discharge of materials is available a hand trolley service with a deposit of € 100.00 and maximum for 60 minutes.

Goods entrance for stand/exhibit set-up and dismantling work

For hall A and C  EAST entrance  from Via Costantino il Grande


It is necessary to register all the people who will have to access the district during the set-up phases. Registration must be done in the "LOGISTICS - STAFF REGISTRATION" section in the exhibitor reserved area; after registration, print the relevant pass with QR code and present it to the staff present at the entrances.
For dismantling, the same passes used in setting up can be used.

It is important to send the proxy to your stand fitter so that he can register his staff.
The proxy is always carried out from the exhibitor reserved area, LOGISTICS / STAFF REGISTRATION section; at the bottom of the page, the "STAND FITTING METHOD" must be completed, indicating "stand set up by your own stand fitter" and choosing your stand fitter from the list.    

I      If your stand fitter is not included in the list, invite him to register by entering this page: