The Expo

Themed area dedicated to mobility services.

A themed exhibition path designed to promote and enhance the value of the entire range of specific services dedicated to BUS INDUSTRY operators.

An area for visibility, debate and solutions for public and private road transport operators.


The demand for qualified staff is on the rise. The rapid development of public transport infrastructure and services and customers’ growing expectations increasingly requires the “right” people, both in quantity and quality.

A space dedicated to Work and Training for the public and private road transport sector:

  • RECRUITING: three days dedicated to the selection of qualified staff
  • TRAINING: events related to professional training and seminars dedicated to the world of employment
  • EDUCATION: participation of national and international training and specialist organisations
  • COACHING: advice from experts for those looking for work and support to candidates in preparing their CVs and focusing on the professional objectives they wish to pursue.


A space dedicated to consultancy companies in the public and private road transport sector.


A space dedicated to leasing and insurance companies for public and private road transport operators