• Wednesday, October 12, 2022
  • 14:30 - 16:30
  • Memo
  • BUSiness Arena (Pav. B5)
  • Italian
  • Organized by: Technical Scientific Committee of IBE - Intermobility and Bus Expo

The ISFORT research (of which the "discussion paper" is the summary and starting point for the debate) aims to take stock of the current and prospective position on Sustainable Local Mobility, providing a dashboard of aggregate data useful for probing its three main axes (the market, supporting policies and evolutionary scenarios), along with a series of stimuli useful for answering key questions emerging from the industry and related new supply chains.
Market. What is the market "trend" today and what are the prospects for post-emergency? This question will be attempted to be answered thanks also to some anticipation of the new data from Isfort's "Audimob" Observatory on citizen mobility (consolidated 2021, first 2022 data and forecast scenarios).
National support policies. The "discussion paper" will contain an updated summary overview of the resources available to collective mobility and the industrial bus supply chain, starting with the NRP, with a focus on any emerging critical operational issues.
Evolution scenarios. Finally, the "paper" aims to broaden the look at future scenarios for public transport by offering insights into new development "drivers" and outcomes on markets and business models, just think of the MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) paradigm.

1st National Forum of the new collective sustainable mobility: what reforms and what investments

Moderator and introducer: Fabio Tamburini, Director of IlSole24Ore

Institutional greetings
Corrado Peraboni, CEO Italian Exhibition Group

Technical report
Roberta Frisoni, Councillor Urban and Territorial Planning, Private Construction, Urban Regeneration, Mobility Policies, Local Public Transport, State Property, PNRR of the Municipality of Rimini

The new Sustainable Collective Mobility: what investments implemented and how to ground those available

Keynote speech: Investments in Europe
Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP)

Position paper: Public transport and sustainable local mobility: for an innovative and resilient "new normal"
Organized by ISFORT, Carlo Carminucci (Director of Research and Head of Observatory "Audimob") and the Technical Scientific Committee of IBE - Intermobility and Bus Expo

Roundtable discussion

  • Veronica Nicotra, Secretary General ANCI
  • Andrea Corsini, Councillor for mobility and transport, infrastructure, tourism, commerce Emilia-Romagna Region
  • Giuseppe Catalano, Technical Structure of Mission for Strategic Addressing, Infrastructure Development and High Surveillance MIMS, Chairman of Technical Scientific Committee IBE
  • Antonio Cernicchiaro, Deputy General Manager UNRAE
  • Andrea Gibelli, President ASSTRA 
  • Gianmarco Giorda, Director ANFIA
  • Riccardo Verona, President of the National Association of Italian Tourist Buses

Enrico Giovannini, Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility