• Thursday, October 13, 2022
  • 09:30 - 11:15
  • Memo
  • TPL Arena (Pav. B5)
  • Italian
  • Organized by: ASSTRA, Start Romagna, UNASCA


The socio-economic and technological context we are experiencing is affected by evolutionary trends that are declining with great rapidity and that impose increasing flexibility in personal services and in the approach to professions and trades. At the same time, the process of energy and digital conversion of the entire production imposes a greater and more relevant technical and humanistic education capable of providing the tools to govern technology. The profession of the driver, which in these last two pandemic years has rediscovered its central role in societies, is on the threshold of its own transformation. MaaS, with its flexibilization of service, the transformation of vehicle fleets that are becoming increasingly complex, and self-driving vehicles, will require driver operators who are increasingly specialized and capable of managing increasingly articulated, interconnected and complex transportation systems. The conference offers national testimony on the need for new training for European professional drivers. ADAS technologies will be explained and light will be shed on the distinction between skills and knowledges, also taking into consideration "vulnerable road users." The objective of the event is to offer means and answers to meet the new challenges that the EU requires in Vision Zero, but also to highlight the job opportunities that today's new conscious mobility offers future drivers in addition to the driver's license bonus, included in the Milleproroghe decree, which consists of a reimbursement equal to 80 percent of the expenses incurred to obtain the license and professional driving qualification.


Opening remark
Alessia Nicotera, Director - ASSTRA

Roberto Sacchetti, President - Start Romagna: Presentation of the "Stable" Project by START Romagna

Andrea Onori, National Sustainable Mobility Manager - UNASCA: Presentation of the "Sustainable Mobility and Training" survey

Enrico Bagattoni, Director - Egaf Edizioni srl
Massimo Bettarello, President - ATV of Verona
Viviana Fedele, Head of Risk Management ATAM Reggio Calabria
Emilio Patella, UNASCA National Secretary of Driving Schools
Manuel Picardi, General Secretary EFA Member of Board - Driving SchoolMember of Board - Driving School UNASCA
Renato Profili, Manager of the Personnel, Organization and Industrial Relations Human Resources Area - Brescia Mobilità
Fabio Santini, General Manager - Fonservizi
Mariano Vignola, Director of the Automobile Division, Volturno Autonomous Authority