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- Presented in Rome today, IBE-Intermobility and Bus Expo, organized by the Italian Exhibition Group, runs from 19 to 21 November 2024 at the Rimini Expo Centre. The mobility of the future takes centre stage, hinged on the possibility for citizens to access sustainable shared mobility services

- At the helm, ´INTERMOBILITY future ways´, the First National Forum in which the National Report on Shared Sustainable Mobility will be presented, a new source of updated data on local public transport, railways, bus lines, taxis, CCH, sharing mobility, MaaS, and all other sustainable means of travel, accessible thanks to digitalisation

Rome 23 Aprile 2024 . IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo, the biennial event of IEG Italian Exhibition Group, a landmark event for the world of collective transport and related industrial supply chains, returns to Rimini Expo Centre from 19 to 21 November.

The event, now in its 11th edition, was presented today in Rome.
With its new conference and exhibition format, the expo incorporates INTERMOBILITY future ways, the 1st National Forum of Shared Sustainable Mobility addressing the challenges of people´s future mobility. Three days of events, insights and exhibitions in collaboration with the Foundation for Sustainable Development and with the technical support of the National Observatory of sharing mobility and Euromobility.

MAURIZIO RENZO ERMETI, President IEG Italian Exhibition Group: ´The collective and shared transport industry is rapidly accelerating, on the lookout for synergies and new organizational models that sustainability urgently requires. An indisputable expanded mobility ecosystem is emerging, which is crucial for the country´s development. The rapidly evolving trade fair industry is also affected by these dynamics. With IBE, IEG supports the advocates of change, thanks to the uniqueness of its business model in which we act as a Community catalyst & creator´.

The distinction between private transport and public transport is by now a thing of the past, also thanks to digital technologies, and is increasingly evolving into a model of sustainable shared mobility, in which the citizen can select, on a case-by-case basis, the most appropriate mode of travel from a range of accessible and low-emission possibilities.

In a constantly changing world, where vehicles adapt to new energy sources and sustainability is a priority, IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo represents a crossroads where ideas and innovation converge for shared collective intermobility, a meeting point between long-distance travel and the local public transport sector.
The Expo provides space not only for companies in the industrial vehicle supply chain, but also for the players of the new supply chains that are shaping the panorama of new collective transport. An event that acts as a catalyst for designing a new mobility system, in line with the ambitious targets of the Next Generation EU for the energy transition, and which highlights the need for an integrated and inclusive approach among all the actors involved in the industry´s transformation process. Thanks to new technologies and the energy transition, the aim is to achieve a shared, connected and low-emission model, in which citizens and users can have an efficient range of mobility solutions and services at their disposal.
The IBE events will not only provide an overall vision of a complex framework in which shared transport presents itself as a factor of integration, growth and development, but they will above all collect different ´insights´ on different worlds already converging today, and on more delicate issues of change, with an international scope, available to stakeholders and political decision makers at all levels of government.

ALESSANDRA ASTOLFI, Global Exhibition Director, Green & Technology Division, IEG Italian Exhibition Group: ´IBE24 is reaching its most mature phase at a time of great excitement in the transport industry with a new formula thanks to INTERMOBILITY future ways, the Forum dedicated to shared sustainable mobility, developed in collaboration with the Foundation for Sustainable Development. The goal is to provide the collective transport community with increasingly adequate in-depth analysis tools and useful opportunities for discussion to promptly interpret the emerging trends of an industry where new green supply chains, digitalisation and energy transition play a key role in responding to new mobility demands´.

The aim of INTERMOBILITY future ways is to understand and share the current state, evolutionary trends and the main factors of change concerning sustainable and shared mobility, in the context of innovation resulting from the transition towards a green and digital economy which accelerates the demand of new mobility needs, organizational models and the definition of new services, modes and means of transport. INTERMOBILITY future ways is a unique opportunity to meet, share and discuss for companies, local administrators and professionals in the shared urban and extra-urban mobility industry, with the primary intention of creating an ecosystem based on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in which innovative solutions, new models and a network of significant relationships emerge.

RAIMONDO ORSINI, director of the Foundation for Sustainable Development: ´Italy lacked a sole reference that offered in a single location and with a single scientific source an all-encompassing overview of sustainable shared mobility, with the most up-to-date data for each type of service, visibility on best practices and a common vision between decision makers, public companies and private operators. Finally, also thanks to new technologies, the sectors of public transport, rail transport, bus lines, sharing mobility and mobility as a service can be considered as allies and form a single range of solutions for citizens, with environmental advantages for the entire national economy. The Rimini Forum is the ideal meeting point for this new mobility model and our Foundation is proud to have collaborated on the First National Report on shared sustainable mobility to be presented in the Forum´.

To support this vision of mobility of the future and understand the dynamics underway in an industry going through profound change, IBE has just launched the INTERMOBILITY Community, a platform that brings together experts, institutions, companies and intermediate bodies to promote themes of future mobility, sharing ideas, good practices and proposing useful alliances.

The INTERMOBILITY future ways programme:

• The event kicks off with an opening plenary session, featuring the presentation of the ´INTERMOBILITY future ways´ report, a new source of updated data on local public transport, railways, bus lines, taxis, CCH, sharing mobility, MaaS, and their decisive contribution to ecological transition of the country.

• On the second day, the National Sharing Mobility Conference will take place, now in its 8th edition, during which the National Sharing Mobility Report will be presented, with data including number of rentals, kilometres travelled, vehicles in the fleet and active services, offering an overview of supply and demand in the sector and allowing analysts to monitor evolution and emerging trends.
• On the third day, ´MobyDixit´, the annual Euromobility event which will host the 24th Conference on Mobility Management, and the 8th PUMS Conference which gathers under one roof the mobility managers of many Italian companies, but also of schools, hospitals, administrations who take care of their employees´ commute. The conference takes stock of the development of the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plans, with which Italian cities plan the decarbonized and accessible mobility of the future.

The entire INTERMOBILITY future ways programme trains the spotlight on the issues of energy efficiency, local public transport, new digital technologies and the development of MaaS, with attention to new mobility players.

The IBE . Intermobility and Bus Expo activity programme is also strongly oriented towards promoting the progress of mobility and focused on innovation. It was developed thanks to the collaboration between ANGI (National Association of Young Innovators) and the Green&Tech division of IEG Italian Exhibition Group within the INNOVATION DISTRICT project.
Innovation that will materialize in a prestigious exhibition area located under the ´Lorenzo Cagnoni´ dome dedicated to the start-ups and scale-ups winners of the call that IBE 24 will launch in the coming months and following which a panel made up of experts selected from the network partners of the initiative and national and international bodies will evaluate the projects presented. Furthermore, making its debut at IBE is the ´Innovative Start-up´ Award, for start-ups that stand out for highly innovative projects in the field of sustainable collective mobility and the ´Lorenzo Cagnoni´ Innovation Award in memory of the late IEG president, for exhibiting companies with the three most cutting-edge projects judged by the same panel of experts.

ANDREA GIBELLI, President ASSTRA . Transport Association: ´The adoption of technologies linked to the energy and digital transition of Public Transport is generating a significant impact on companies, relating to organisation, production processes, costs and above all, actual work. For this reason, at our recent National Conference, we focused on AI, as a new technological infrastructure and on the costs relating to the management of zero-emission bus fleets. We have also provided companies and our interlocutors with various insights, data, and a simulator of scenarios relating to investment plans. LPT is, and will be, the main form of sustainable mobility; but to really raise the bar the following figures are needed per year: 700 million for the adaptation of the National Transport Fund to previous inflation; 900 million - as proposed by the unions - for the renewal of the contract; 300 million to cover operating costs aimed at achieving the environmental targets imposed by the EU. For investments relating to the renewal of bus fleets, approximately 700 million euros per year are needed for the next fifteen years´.

ENRICO CECCARELLI, member of the ANBTI-Confcommercio Board: ´Road tourism presents itself as the hub between urban local public transport and connections between our metropolitan and art cities towards internal areas of great value and appeal especially in the eyes of ´incoming´ tourism. Our natural, artistic, food and wine heritage are all unique assets difficult to replicate and in this sense, the role of Italian Tourist Buses represents a unique opportunity in the panorama of our country offerings. If LPT, bus tourism and leisure services on medium and long haul trips are synergistic, then intermobility takes shape. ANBTI . CONFCOMMERCIO represents Tourist Buses, ´The Wheels of Tourism´ which transport over 150 million passengers every year, offering a 360 degree service which is not comparable to other means of transport´.

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