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IEG launches the new ´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´, in Rimini from October 12th to 14th, ´Smart Mobility: a BUSiness for smart people´

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Rimini (Italy), February 9th 2022 - Presented today by IEG - Italian Exhibition Group, at the Rimini Expo Centre, the 2022 edition of ´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´, the biennial event dedicated to collective transport of people that looks to the sustainable mobility of the future. The event will be held in Rimini from October 12th to 14th 2022 simultaneously with TTG Travel Experience, the tourism marketplace in Italy.

At the opening of the talk show, Lorenzo Cagnoni, president of IEG declared: ´IBE was born 14 years ago to respond to the demand of operators and has developed thanks to a far-sighted ´view´ of the market and the ´culture of hospitality´ of Rimini, the capital of the green economy, sustainability and renewable energy. IBE is today deeply renewed, ready to seize the opportunities that emerge from the evolution towards sustainable collective mobility, an area where the Emilia Romagna Region can act as a driving force for the entire sector ´.

According to Corrado Peraboni, CEO of IEG, ´The new ´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´ will become the reference hub for the demand and supply of collective mobility in the Mediterranean basin, with a keen eye on the protagonists of the new connected supply chains (infrastructures, energy, TLC, digital services), leveraging on the experience gained in the Travel & Tourism segment. This will happen through the enhancement of our ´community´ so that the new IBE represents the place of knowledge and discussion on the future of collective mobility where people, fewer and fewer users and more and more customers are at the center. ´

For Alessandra Astolfi, IEG group exhibition manager: ´The next steps of IEG with IBE will be the finalization of community engagement activities, bringing on board, in addition to bus manufacturers, the suppliers of systems, technologies and solutions for integrated mobility and sustainable. A few hours after the presentation, we already have confirmation from Daimler Buses Italia and over 50 other important players are formalizing their participation. The tenth edition marks a passage also underlined by the new naming and visual identity, ´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´, which evoke continuity and at the same time a new positioning and communication strategy´.

* * *

During the ´talk show´ various evidences emerged that the sector has now reached maturity. Among the many testimonies, Giuseppe Catalano, Ministry of sustainable infrastructures and mobility, and president of the Scientific Committee of IBE, focused on the topic of investments and PNRR, recalling the allocation of 10 billion euros for the benefit of the entire supply chain. In the case of buses, the Euro 1, 2 and 3 Diesel power supply must be exceeded, which must be replaced within the established times. The policies must accompany the industrial transformation towards a new productive capacity of the national sector.
Andrea Corsini, councilor for mobility and transport, infrastructure, tourism, commerce of the Emilia Romagna Region added that 480 million euros have been allocated from this region for the replacement of vehicles for a replacement of 60-65% of the current bus fleet. A transition process towards electric, methane and hydrogen vehicles that will last until 2030.
Giuseppina Gualtieri, president and CEO of Tper - Emilia Romagna Passenger Transport, cited the concreteness of the projects for the modal shift of transport from private to public over the 2025-2030 horizon, recalling how Tper has allocated 220 million investments in 3 years. Gualtieri also recalled Roger´s experience, apparently a simple app, but in reality a system that addresses users and suppliers to plan trips throughout the region by rail and road, book a stop in the city, pay tickets or services such as car sharing.
Lorenzo Quinzi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism added how his Ministry has resources of 1.9 billion euros to be activated for the recovery of tourism, recalling that a leverage effect has been generated with the EIB to give substance to the investment policies to support for the renewal of tour bus fleets.The inter-ministerial MIT MISE provision has already been signed and implementation agreements are being defined to start shortly.
The tourist bus sector is among the most affected and Riccardo Verona, president of the National Association of Italian Tourist Buses, stressed that buses are the wheels of tourism that must not be penalized, but supported by the entire production chain. AN.BTI will support the event in promoting significant thematic events for the tourist buses and commercial lines and long-distance lines segment.
Andrea Gibelli, ASSTRA president, recalled that the association confirms its strong participation in IBE also for 2022 to bring the contents of the association system and contribute to the relaunch of the national collective public transport system. In fact, fairs such as IBE qualify as platforms that favor comparison, exchange and knowledge, helping to realize those projects that contribute to outlining the future of cities and the country.
The voice of manufacturers and trade associations, including Roberto Caldini, director of Buses & Coaches Italscania Spa, underlined how at this moment economic sustainability and safety are needed to ensure correct environmental choices. Certain times are needed to ensure the maturity of innovation. Not a competition, but a comparison because there is no single solution for all mobility.
The CEO of Irizar Italia Srl, Antonio Bornacci reiterated the importance of public support for tourist buses very affected by the pandemic for which the associations are doing their utmost to seek shared solutions for a healthy pragmatism.
* * *
The choice of the new date of IBE aims to exploit the synergy with TTG and the world of tourism. In fact, buses, travel and tourism show encouraging margins for recovery, also thanks to technological innovation and community objectives towards sustainability and decarborization. The post-Covid also induces to rethink the times and ways of living work, school, leisure: a challenge for Local Public Transport which assumes a crucial role for the future of our cities and at the same time represents an opportunity for market for new emerging supply chains (Mobility as A Service, Mobility as a Platform, Mobility as a Common).
´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´ thus transitions from a product fair to a platform of integrated technological solutions and a meeting and debate place to interpret the present and decode the signals arriving from the markets, which are decisive for the choices of the new value chains in the sector.
For IEG this is the evolution of a success story that began 25 years ago in the field of alternative energy and the circular economy (thanks to Ecomondo and Key Energy) and deepened in the last 14 years in collective transport which today allows IBE to be established. as a catalyst for the key actors of change in the sector, towards the new ´eco-system´ of sustainable mobility. IBE confirms its position as a crossroads between supply and demand for shared mobility, institutions and stakeholders, with an international scope.

Another plus of the event is its roots in a territory that of Rimini and the Emilia Romagna Region (which has allocated 3.6 billion investments by 2025 in sustainable mobility) which represent a unique logistics and accommodation choice for the range of offer and competitiveness. Already today, 52% of visitors come from Southern Italy, one of the areas with the greatest development potential for the reference sector, confirming Rimini as the ideal center of gravity not only for the central areas of the country, but in perspective for the entire area. EMEA, Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Below the participants to the Ôtalk-show´ ´Smart Mobility: BUSiness for smart people´

Roberta Frisoni, Councilor of the Rimini Municipality for City Planning and Territorial Planning, Private Construction, Urban Regeneration, State Property, Mobility Policies, Local Public Transport, PNRR
Andrea Corsini, Councilor for mobility and transport, infrastructure, tourism, commerce of the Emilia Romagna Region
Paolo Ferrecchi, Directorate General for Territory and Environmental Care of the Emilia Romagna Region
Giuseppina Gualtieri, President and CEO of Tper - Passenger Transport Emilia Romagna
Lorenzo Quinzi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism
Giuseppe Catalano, Technical mission structure for strategic direction, infrastructure development and high surveillance MIMS - Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility and chairman of the scientific committee of IBE.
Vincenzo Russi, Co-founder and CEO e-Novia
Roberto Caldini, Director Buses&Coaches Italscania Spa
Antonio Bornacci, CEO Irizar Italia Srl
Fabrizia Vigo, Head of External Relations ANFIA
Antonio Cernicchiaro, Deputy General Manager and Director of Institutional Relations UNRAE
Andrea Gibelli, President Asstra
Riccardo Verona, President of the National Association of Italian Tourist Buses
Francesco Fiore, CEO Itabus
Raimondo Orsini, Coordinator of the National Sharing Mobility Observatory

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