Technical Committee

Environmentalist, expert in land protection, transportation infrastructure and urban mobility. She was recently appointed president/AD of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità Agency, which oversees mobility planning, active mobility projects, road safety, mass transit networks, ITS and MaaS services for Roma Capitale.

He collaborates with Kyoto Club, a nonprofit association, which develops strategies and dossiers to reduce the burden of transport emissions. He is a spokesperson for the Alliance for Soft Mobility, a network of 29 associations that promotes active mobility on foot, by bicycle, with local railways and tourist trains, for slow tourism.

She is a member of the National Observatory on Sharing Mobility and is an advisor to the Italian Touring Club.

She has held elective offices in Parliament for the Greens and was a mobility councillor for the municipalities of Bologna in the 1990s and, recently, in Naples. In these roles from dedicated commitment and energy to urban mobility, active mobility, collective transport, sharing mobility, and the redevelopment of public space.