The Expo

Intermobility as in integrated and interconnected mobility. A scenario in which innovative transport systems talk to each other in order to simplify travel and the lives of customers. 

IBE is the meeting platform that brings together demand, collective and shared mobility supply, institutions and stakeholders, with an international outlook.
In an ever-changing and evolving society, IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo will explore the topic of innovative and sustainable integrated collective mobility: from urban mobility to long-distance travel; from small collective means of transport for tourists and local public transport, to rentals with drivers, bus sharing and light rail transit systems.

Our objective for 2022 is to become a broader meeting and exchange platform that includes not only the vehicle industry but also the new players needed to develop a system project (transport infrastructure, energy infrastructure, technology, digitisation, telecommunications, energy companies, PPP - public private partnership project).

  • To become the catalyst of change for the new interconnected mobility market
  • To be the point of contact between Leisure Tourism and Local Public Transport, in line with the ambitious energy transition targets of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)

Here below the pillars for the 2022 edition:

  • The European, national and regional legal and regulatory framework: from up-to-date assessment to the concrete impact on investment choices and solutions that create a market;
  • Technological trends in vehicle fuelling and related services (electrification, hydrogen, biomethane, LNG, CNG) in the development of the vehicle fleet
  • Design and implementation of effective MaaS systems and  dissemination of digital technologies
  • Evolution of the tourist road transport sector
  • What will happen in the Italian market in the next few years in light of the policies and time commitments imposed by PNRR funds. Grounding of investments: comparison with trends in other European and Mediterranean countries
  • Training and qualification of drivers' skills
  • Southern Europe’s largest exhibition of buses and coaches
  • Three days of business and conferences
  • Vehicle demonstrations and test drives
  • Innovation & Technology in Mobility

The whole national and international value chain of collective passenger transport: manufacturers, body shops, parts and accessories manufacturers, mobility and fleet management solution providers.

  • Vehicle manufacturers / body shops for tourist coaches
  • Vehicle manufacturers / body shops for local public transport buses
  • Vehicle manufacturers, e-mobility infrastructure and technologies
  • Intelligent Transport System technologies and providers
  • Components / accessories / spare parts manufacturers
  • Technology / Software
  • Mobility services
  • Workshop / service area equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Second-hand vehicles
  • Media / Publishing
  • Start-ups
  • Associations / Consortia

Local public transport and bus travel industry operators, public authorities and trade associations.

  • Bus operators
  • Scheduled transport service providers
  • Local public transport companies
  • Bus rentals
  • Specialist workshops
  • Traffic / IT management
  • Companies offering bus hire with driver
  • Consultancy / Engineering firms
  • Authorities / Public bodies / Ministries
  • Institutions / Research / Science / Education bodies 
  • Logistics companies