Special Initiatives

INNOVATION DISTRICT is a special project of IBE and INTERMOBILITY future ways, that adds value to the latest innovations and incentives in shared sustainable mobility with a focus on: urban collective transport, bus travel, new energy sources, new digital technologies, sharing mobility services, MAS, mobility management.

Organized by Italian Exhibition Group, in collaboration with ANGI as main partner, with the support of Susdef (Sustainable Shared Mobility Forum), EIT Urban Mobility and Rimini Technopole. The Innovation District is a project dedicated to Italian and international start-ups, innovative SMEs and innovators.

The Innovation District offers a prestigious exhibition area created to give a voice to innovators and tell the success stories of innovative start-ups. This space promotes collaboration between large companies, institutions and opinion leaders, creating connections that foster dialogue and synergies between industry players, nationally and internationally.



An innovative area designed to offer a comprehensive and engaging experience for visitors and the press, specifically:

  • "Innovation" pathway: where exhibitors at the exhibition can give visibility to their innovative products and compete for the Lorenzo Cagnoni Innovation Award;
  • "Start-up" pathway: dedicated to emerging start-ups, innovative SMEs that have developed unique and cutting-edge solutions for Industry 4.0;


  • "Education & Job orientation" pathway: a series of round tables dedicated to students and industry with a focus on training needs and new and old jobs related to sustainable mobility, with discussions, proposals and ideas to create new business and networking opportunities;
  • "Talk" pathway: interview corner to gather all the testimonies of the innovative realities present within the innovation area and among the main stakeholders of the exhibition event.



Dedicated to Italian and international excellence, the Lorenzo Cagnoni Award for Innovation is an initiative designed for all those companies that for years have been committed to developing more innovative products and offering cutting-edge services.

Will be awarded:

Award "Lorenzo Cagnoni for Innovation", dedicated to the memory of the president of IEG Lorenzo Cagnoni, awarded to the three most innovative projects proposed by the exhibitors of IBE and Intermobility Future Ways;

Award " Lorenzo Cagnoni Innovative Start-Up" reserved for innovative companies in the Innovation District.

Projects will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee formed by IEG and the initiative's partner network.