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´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´ is preparing for the 10th edition with new exhibitors, new spaces, new alliances and new ideas

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• Confirmed the presence of major manufacturers such as Daimler Buses, Scania, Irizar, Volvo
• New this year is the pavilion dedicated to ´TPL & Technology District´
• Italian Exhibition Group IEG associated with MOTUS-E and other important agreements are on the way

Rimini, April 7th 2022

The 10th edition of ´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´, the biennial appointment organized by Italian Exhibition Group, on the agenda from October 12th to 14th at the Rimini Expo Centre, dedicated to collective transport of people that looks to the sustainable mobility of the future, warms up the engines. The event (which will be held simultaneously with the reference show for tourism in Italy, TTG Travel Experience) is the reference point for the sector.

IBE will see the participation of the major industrial players in mobility, including manufacturers and producers in the supply chain, as well as major associations such as MOTUS-E, a common platform for dialogue between all the players in electric mobility established in 2018 to facilitate the transition of the automotive sector towards the mobility of the future, working alongside national institutions and above all leading companies in the sector.

New exhibitors and new players for ´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´
In recent weeks, other important top-level manufacturers have joined the prominent exhibitors such as Daimler Buses and Irizar Italia, including Scania and Volvo.

In detail, the more than 80 companies that have joined to date with a total area of 14,000 gross square meters of the Expo are divided as follows by macro-sectors:
• 36% manufacturers and body shops of buses and minibuses both for tourist use and for LPT
• 37% manufacturers and distributors of on-board components, accessories and spare parts
• 27% suppliers of on-board technologies, services and software for the management of fleets and passenger travel itineraries

The new meeting space LPT & Technology District
New this year is the innovative space LPT & Technology District created to meet the needs of the ´Local Public Transport´, driven by the investments allocated by the PNRR (*). The new physical space is dedicated to the meeting and comparison between the traditional and emerging protagonists of the ´intermodal convergence´ towards the new sustainable collective mobility. It is an ´ongoing´ phenomenon that still has market, regulatory and technological aspects to be explored, guided by innovation and the energy transition.
The LPT & Technology District will be characterized by the presence of two arenas that will host a series of meetings to outline scenarios and seek answers also in terms of industrial policies, which are crucial for the planning of production cycles. One of the two arenas will be dedicated to issues of interest to LPT in particular(new sustainable power supplies, implementation of MAAS systems) the other will be the ´Main Arena´ where the first national Forum of the new Sustainable and collective mobility will be held in partnership with the IlSole24Ore Group and CTS associations.

The most beautiful villages in Italy
Within the LPT & Technology District there will also be an area dedicated to the welcome and hospitality of the representatives of the Public Administrations, with a particular focus on the collaboration between IBE and Borghi più Belli d´Italia where meetings and appointments between mayors will be organized , councilors, municipal companies and exhibitors to find concrete answers to collective transport, increasingly functional to the tourism sector.

The new Technical Scientific Committee: engine of the contents of IBE Intermobility and bus Expo
In this rapidly accelerating framework, the analysis and interpretation of ´trends´ and weak signals is entrusted to the ´Technical Scientific Committee´ of IBE, chaired and coordinated by Professor Giuseppe Catalano of the ´La Sapienza´ University of Rome. , supported in the work by leading exponents of the public administration such as ANCI and most beautiful villages in Italy, important sector associations including AN.BTI and ASSTRA, UNRAE, ANFIA, Emilia Romagna Region, State Regions Conference in the Mobility sector, network of Universities (Politecnico di Milano, University of Bologna), opinion leaders, academics and associations for environmental protection including Legambiente and Kyoto Club, Federmobilità, Ministry of Sustainable Mobility Infrastructures, Ministry of Tourism, ENEA, H2IT, research institutes such as ISFORT and CNR, Sharing Mobility Observatory.

IEG partnership with MOTUS-E
Among the actions aimed at deepening and understanding the ´mega-trends´ of the sector, the adhesion of Italian Exibition Group IEG to MOTUS-E, the association that aims to dialogue between all the players in the electric mobility chain, stands out thanks to the activation of dedicated worktables. The intent is to facilitate the transition of the automotive sector towards new mobility, working alongside national institutions and especially with leading companies in the sector to guide regulatory processes according to industrial cycles. The protocol will have a strategic impact on Key Energy, SEC and above all on ´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´, which will increasingly be the meeting place and comparison of the champions of shared mobility of the future.

Media Partnership
Strategic media partnerships have been launched with the IlSole24Ore Group, Il Mondo dei Trasporti, Onda Verde, Pulmann, Tutto Trasporti, Vai, Trasporti Italia and international media relations activities are underway.

Driver of the Year
The organization of the 2nd ´IBE Bus Driver of the Year´, the competition organized in partnership with Scania, aimed at electing the best Italian bus driver, concludes the 2022 novelty package of ´IBE Intermobility and Bus Expo´. The ´contest´ includes an online preselection of competitors who will then compete in a regularity course set up in the 10,000 square meters of the Rimini Exhibition Center ending at the ´test drive´. Official media partner of the competition is Pullman, the most important magazine in the Public Transport sector.

(*)The numbers of the PNRR, Budget Law, Infrastructure Decree

• approx. 9 billion intended by the PNRR (and Complementary Fund) for sustainable mobility between 2022 and 2026: eg. green buses, urban and tourist cycle routes, renewal of regional and intercity trains, experimentation with hydrogen trains.
• 2 billion allocated by the 2022 Budget Law for sustainable mobility,
• 3.7 billion for metros in large urban centers
• 1 billion for rapid mass transport
• 1.76 billion expected by 2023 for the renewal of the Euro1-2-3 bus fleets and related infrastructures by the Infrastructure Decree (with company co-financing at 30%)

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